• Comeback Spider

Comeback Spider


New & Revised Graphics

for 2018!

Also new is the method for attaching the last card to your back. No more pin!



Old Graphics               New Graphics

Some months ago I bought Tommy James' Comeback Spider in preparation for my kids' Halloween shows this year. Today after much rehearsal I debuted the routine in front of 30 or so kids at a library ages 5-11. It probably got one of the strongest responses in my entire show. Kids reacted, laughed, and quite frankly my only regret was doing it so early in my show! I should have saved it for near the end! I've been performing professionally for two decades and this gets my highest recommendation for a kids' Halloween show. It is a perfect effect for kids, period! 

Cris Johnson, Niagara Falls, NY

The video below is the original video with the original graphics. I will be trying to get a video with the new graphics sometime this 2018 Halloween season. The routine is EXACTLY the same.  

Magician displays the backs of five cards each with a picture of a spider web. You state that there are no spiders on the webs, because one thing you hate are SPIDERS!

Turn the cards around and tell the children you have pictures of five different jack-o-lanterns. As you spread the cards the kids see a card with a spider and are quick to let you know! (A BIG FURRY Spider) Magician sees the spider, acts startled and puts the spider aside.

Spread the cards again showing four jack-o-lanterns. Tell the children one of the jack-o-lanterns will disappear when you say "Happy" and they shout "Halloween!"

Once again, another spider appears! This happens three more times until the kids are in a frenzy. You finally pick up all the cards and turn around to put them away and there is a spider card hanging on your back! The kids go wild!

Full instructions included with over 40 photos describing the handling as well as a You Tube video link to help along with the handling. Cards measure 5 1/2" by 4 1/4". Printed on quality stock with a beautiful protective finish. Full permission given by Trevor Lewis for his handling.

You will LOVE the reactions this routine gets!



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Comeback Spider

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