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Invite two children to assist you. Display 14 jumbo cards each with a BIG BOLD BLACK letter. After some verbal fun with the letters you instruct the child on your left to shuffle the cards.

Next you display a red ribbon. You tell the children it is the BIG, HUGE ribbon. The kids will let you know it is a small ribbon. With some comedy by-play, the child on your right stretches the ribbon.

You display an empty bag and instruct the kids to drop the ribbon and cards into the bag. You ask the kids in the audience to wiggle their fingers and say the magic words, Merry Christmas. You hand each assistant an end of the ribbon and ask them to pull. When they do, the cards emerge from the bag, attached to the ribbon with the message MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Picture each child holding an end of the ribbon which stretches seven feet across, making a great scenario for your Christmas magic show

The cards measure 6" by 4" wide. Comes with everything you need to perform the routine: 14 separate letter cards, 14 cards attached to a ribbon, extra seven foot long ribbon, gimmicked bag and Tommy's complete routine to use if you wish.

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Christmas Wishes

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