• Fold-Flat Chimney Production



Made by a working performer,

FOR the working performer.





Christmas time can be a very lucrative time of year for magicians. If you're the type of performer who likes to theme your act, this beautiful looking prop is a dream come true! A completely fold-flat, plays BIG, magical chimney production that will hold a huge load. 


Remove the inner square tube with a colorful picture of Santa on the front and display it completely empty. Re-insert it back into the chimney then remove the outer chimney and display it empty also. While displaying either tube, you may fold them flat to prove to the audience they contain nothing. Nest the tubes back together and begin your production!


This production is based on the classic "Square Circle" principle and is extremely deceptive even at close range. Made from the same materials as Tommy's "Library Rabbit Production." After your show the entire unit packs flat for traveling or storage purposes, even the load chamber!


The chimney stands 18" high by 8" square. The inner Santa tube measures 18-1/2" high by 7-1/4 " square. The load chamber measures 17" high by 6-1/4" square with the base of 9" square. The colors are vibrant and a prop you will be proud to display and use in your Christmas themed shows!


Not recommended as a bunny production 



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Fold-Flat Chimney Production

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