• Comedy Throw Pie

Comedy Throw Pie




As seen on Tommy's


  Birthday Party Mania DVD


Do you like great gags?


Tommy uses this in his birthday party shows, corporate adult shows and to open for larger audiences too Imagine, you are introduced. The music begins to play. The suspense builds. You make your appearance with the pie in hand and begin to walk towards your audience. Your arm extends back in a throwing position. The crowd anticipates what is about to happen, hands in the air for protection! You toss the pie into the audience BUT the realistic looking cream pie springs back to you! Everyone breaths a sigh of relief as they realize, it was just a gag! Laughs galore!

If comedy is your style of performing, this will really establish the pace and style of your show. Pure, simple FUN! Everything about this pie looks real, even at very close range. Pie measures 10" diameter topped with a realistic looking strawberry in the center and attached to a three-foot long durable elastic cord.





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Comedy Throw Pie

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