• The Forgetful Spider

 Forgetful Spider



If you're looking for an absolute winning routine for any performance, look no further. This routine has it all: color, comedy, suspense and MAGIC!

An absolute perfect routine if you're promoting READING in your school and Library shows. The spider can be Charlotte, the loveable spider from the classic story of Charlott'es web, spinng a web for the students. Add a message to the web just like Charlotte does in the story!


Basic routine: Introduce your spider and frame. Display a small bag and remove five different colored balls of yarn. There is  Yellow, Green, Purple, Red and Blue. Show the bag empty and replace the balls of yarn back into the bag.  Have a child reach in and choose a colored ball of yarn. Explain  that which ever yarn they choose, that’s the color the spider will spin the web.  The child chooses RED.

Place the red ball of yarn it in front of the frame for the spider to begin spinning the web, but the spider whispers something to you.WHAT? She said she forgot HOW to spin a WEB! But you’re a SPIDER!”

Bring out a book that says How to Spin a Web. Open the book and place it in front of the frame along with the red yarn.We will have to let her READ up on this. She gets forgetful in her old age.”

During your show you remove the book to check on her progress, but she has fallen asleep! (No web) Replace the book. Later on in your show you remove the book again, but no web. Apparently she stepped out for aerobics and did a “spin” class. Finally at the end of the show and after much anticipation from the audience, you remove the book and she has completely filled the interior of the frame with a red web. The yarn that was in front of the frame the entire show is now gone.  The audience breaks out into automatic applause.

Add a message to the web by cutting out letters made of felt and glue them to the web. Happy B Day, Say NO, Don’t Bully or . . .  READ as Tommy has done on his Read to Achieve Magic Show to compliment the story of Charlotte's Web. Charlotte the spider spins a web and writes the message in the web, just like in the story! (See Tommy’s  Read to Achieve DVD for his entire presentation.) Extremely easy to operate so you can concentrate on presentation.

The frame measures 20” wide by 16” high. The graphics on the book are gorgeous and this is a prop you will be proud to display in your shows. Comes complete with everything you need to perform the effect: Frame, book, spider, change bag, yarn and instructions. You simply can not go wrong.



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The Forgetful Spider

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