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 " I am using Tommy James' new library rabbit

production and it is KILLING.  The prop is well

built and will last a long time. You can tell it

was built by a working pro."

Ken Scott


A packs flat/plays big routine that will fit into any reading based show in schools and libraries to promote reading. Produce your rabbit, books, streamers, flowers or anything your heart desires!

Designed for the school show/library performer but can be used in any act. The description below is a routine Tommy uses and is now releasing it to kid-show performers around the world.

Displayed on your side table sits a library decorated like an old stone building, complete with stone columns and shrubs.  Through a window cut-out in the front of the library you can see books inside. There are books on history, geography, language, math, music, sports, art and even a magic book!

Remove the outer box (the library) and show it all around. Fold it flat then reopen it. It is absolutely empty. Replace the library over the books then remove the books, displaying the inside of the books totally empty. While displaying the books, the audience has a full view of the inside of the library through the window. Replace the books inside the library.

While displaying the library you speak about books. "When you read, you can learn things you didn’t know. You can increase your vocabulary and EVERY book is a magic book, but you must open the book and read it to get that MAGICAL experience." Look very sad as you state “And there is NO rabbit inside this library.”  Leave the library on display and move onto another routine. You come back to the library in the middle of the show, once again displaying the insides of both boxes, all the while emphasizing the importance of reading books. “And once again boys and girls, there is no rabbit inside this library.”

 At the end of the show you once again show everything empty and then reward the students by telling them you will make a bunny appear inside the library. “Abracadabra!” But nothing happens. “Hocus Pocus!” Once again nothing happens. Have ALL the kids say the magic words and when they do, you remove the books from the inside of the library and lo and behold, there is your bunny rabbit in full view inside the library! The kids go wild!

Unlike other rabbit productions your rabbit is totally comfortable throughout the entire performance. The load chamber is closed at the top so your bunny cannot peek out during the performance. The entire unit packs flat for travel even the load chamber, making this a dream prop for the working performer. The whole unit sets up in less than ten seconds!

This is not limited to livestock. The load chamber can be inverted and you can produce books or anything that will fit into the chamber.

The graphics are gorgeous. Inside of the load chamber is 13 1/2” long by 6” wide by 9 1/2” in height and once again, folds flat. The outer library when opened is 16 1/2” long by 11 1/2” high by 9” wide. The books measure 14” long by 12” high by 7 1/2” wide.  Complete with sturdy base. Extremely easy to use and a prop you will be proud to own.



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