• Nested Wand Bags

A fun and entertaining bit to produce any magic wand!


Originally produced for the Comedy Ker-Plunk magic

wand. Bags are now available as a separate item.


Explain that your magic wand is in your blue bag. You display a blue satin draw-string bag and place it under your arm.  You ask who would like to see the wand and ask the audienc to raise their hands. Next you perform a very funny bit-of-business with the kids raising their hands. Then you can't find your wand. It's under your arm but you don't see it, but the kids do.

When you finally find the bag you open it but . . OH NO!! All that is inside the blue bag is a RED bag. The kids demand you look into the red bag. You open the red bag but OH NO! All thats inside is a GREEN bag. The kids demand you open the green bag and there it is,your magic wand!This is a beautiful set of three nested satin draw-string bags. The smallest green bag will fit any magic wand up to 16" in length and 1-1/2" in diameter. Complete with Tommy's word for word routine.

Priced right and fun to perform. ( Wand not included)  

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Nested Wand Bags

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