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A great routine if you perform magic shows with a reading theme. And what reading based program shouldn't tribute the iconic children's author? Straight out of Tommy's Hands UP to Reading school show. Perfect in conjunction with The Vanishing Elephant also found on this site.  

 Complete with themed tear-away change bag!   



Invite two helpers on stage, a boy and a girl. Display seven large letter cards. With the help from the volunteers you each hold the letter cards to spell out the Doctors name. Hand the separate letter cards to the girl and instuct her to shuffle them.

 Display a short red ribbon. You try to stretch it but you cannot. You challenge the boy to stretch it and to the amusement of the audience,  he stretches it easily! Display a themed bag with a recognizable character printed on the bag. The boy drops the ribbon into the bag and the girl drops the cards in. The audience says the magic words and when the helpers pull their respective ends of the ribbons from the bag, the cards have attached themselves to the ribbon spelling out D-R-S-E-U-S-S. The bag is then torn open and the bag is completely empty!

The students remain on stage holding the display as you patter about the famous author and his writing style followed with a rhyme encouraging the students to follow their dreams.

The cards are large and vibrant measuring 5" by 7" and totally stand out in the largest audience. The change bag measures 10" by 10" and is themed as seen in the photo above. Complete with detailed instructions and Tommy's word-for word routine. Simple to perform. Simple to reset and a message that educators and librarians will love!



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The Doctor's Cards

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