• Vanishing Elephant

The Vanishing Elephant




A complete 5 minute routine to perform in your school and library shows with a great message encouraging students of all ages to READ.



Display three picture cards of very recognizable characters that all children will know. 



Place the cards into a folder then remove two "Things" leaving the elephant in the folder.



Have the kids say the magic words to make the elephant vanish. The folder falls open and the elephant has disappeared! The kids are quick to let you know they see it peeking from behind the folder. You remove the card but it has a big question mark on it.




The elephant has disappeared! But the kids demand to see the other side of the card. You turn the card around and there is a message from the Doctor encouraging all the kids to READ. The elephant has indeed vanished!




You then share your "formula for success" with the students. . .  READ.

R stands for READING. In order to learn new things in life we must be able to READ.

E stands for EDUCATION. Attending school and studying really hard.

A stands for ATTITUDE. In order to accomplish things in life you must approach things with a positive attitude.

D stands for DETERMINATION. Never giving up on your goals and dreams. Winners never quit and quitters never win.


This item is only found here at TommyJamesMagic.com and is produced just for my friends here to help promote reading and to tribute the iconic famous children's author.


Cards are digitally printed on triple layer card stock. Cards measure 8" by 10" and can be seen easily from a distance. Complete with folder and Tommy's word for word routine. This routine compliments "The Dr.'s Cards" also available on this site. 













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Vanishing Elephant

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