• The Spider's Message

The Spider's Message


Are you a school or library performer?

If you're looking for a golden routine to use in your educational show to promote reading, I will personally tell you this routine can not be beat. Tommy James

This has absolutely everything you could wish for in an educational show:

1) A beautiful, well-made prop that will stand out on any stage.

2) A story line of Charlotte the spider from the popular story of Charlotte's Web.

3) A great call-back routine in the show as you keep reverting back to the barn to see if Charlotte has spun her web.

4) With the line above comes lot of suspense for the program and will have the students on the edge of their seats.

5) And you will score many brownie points with the educating staff with the message that Charlotte has written encouraging kids to READ.

6) Extremely easy and fast re-set which is so important for those working pros performing back-to-back shows.

Introduce the spider and display the barn. Open the barn doors and hang the spider on the wire. You display five picture cards each with a different colored web. Have a child choose a color. The spider will spin the selected color chosen. (May the force be with the child.)

Open and display the top haystack door. It shows a big red X. Explain that the X means that the spider has not started the spinning process. When the sign changes to a green check mark, that indicates she has finished the web.



Periodically throughout the show you keep checking on Charlotte. Still a big red X and no web. Finally at the end of the show the children demand to see the barn. Open the top door, there is STILL a big red X and no web. You close all the doors and explain to the kids that the red X means there will be no web today BUT, upon opening the top door the indicator sign has changed to a green check mark! The kids see it but you don't.

Play this up as much as you wish as they WILL be in a frenzy! Upon opening the two doors of the barn, the web is completed of the chosen color and the spider has written a message "READ" encouraging all the kids to read!
A great final piece to end your reading based magic show!



The barn measures a full 24" X 24" assembled. The top yellow piece comes off easily for travel. The prop has two legs attached to the bottom that pivot out so the barn will stand up and pivot back for packing and travel. Complete with Tommy's routine to use as you wish. 

A piece you will enjoy displaying AND performing in you show, guaranteed. 

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The Spider's Message

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