• Facebook/ Emoji Gag


Not magic, but a quick funny gag to add to your shows!

Anytime in your show just pick up the prop and stick your face through the hole . . . "I'm FACEBOOK!"

Run quickly back and forth . . . "I'm Quickbooks!" 

Turn your back to the audience and stick your face through the front of the book . . . 

"I love this book so much, I've got my face buried in it!"

Spin around and everyone will see you are an emoji . . . "I'm HAPPY emoji!"

"I'm sad emoji." 

"I said something funny emoji!"

"I'm religious emoji? It's . . . (wait for it) holy???"

You will come up with gags of your own too. Use this on a volunteer and have them make emoji faces or use THEM as the Facebook gag.  A lightweight gag that packs flat and gets laughs! Made of 3mm PVC with digitally printed vinyl graphics that will last a lifetime. 


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Facebook/ Emoji Gag

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