• Spectacular Production Tubes


"The Modern Day Square Circle."

Made with the finest Velour available. 

The Absolute PERFECT illusion!

One of the most deceptive pieces
you will ever own.

(No production items included.)


"This is an absolute PERFECT illusion. Your audience will swear they are seeing an empty tube! Trust me, I've been using this type of production in my act for years."    Tommy James

Display a two-fold screen and place it behind the set-up. Remove a square tube and display it completely empty. Replace the screen over the clear tube, then remove the clear tube and display it also empty. Re-nest the tubes and the production begins. 

The production is limited to the size of the load chamber which measures a full 16" high by 5" in diameter. The clear plexiglass tube measures 17-1/2" high by 6" in diameter. The folding outer tube is 7" square by 17" high. 

Deceptive even at close range but designed for club and stage. 

Made of high quality materials that will last. A complete set you will be proud to own.

(Use any table top.) No production items included.  


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Spectacular Production Tubes

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