• 2018 KIDabra Lecture Notes

2018 KIDabra Convention

Lecture Notes

These lecture notes come on a thumb drive which include 80 pages in PDF format as well as three videos which will help to assist in some of the explanations. If you're looking for some great ideas to use with the older kids and a few new ones that are great for the younger kids, these lecture notes will not disappoint!  

1) Magic Switch Tube: 

If you purchased this tube already then you'll LOVE the new routine that Tommy used in all of his summer programs to open the show. This routine was NOT shared in the original instructions that accompanied the tube. It is a comical opening involving a spring snake that you will love! 

2) Half-Dyed Hanky

Tommy's complete handling of his own version of the classic Half-Dyed Hank routine using only ONE gimmick, without having to ditch the gimmick at the end of the routine. Tommy provides over 30 photos as well as a video to assist with handling making this a breeze to understand and learn.

3) Traveling Bill

Tommy's personal twist on the Jumping, Signed Bill by Ickle Pickle. Looking for a powerful routine that will fry the older kids and adults? Once you learn this, you're never going to want to leave this out. Very strong magic!

4) Flash Silk Appear

A twist on another classic where a silk magically appears on a rope.

5) A Memorable Flower Production

Absolutely perfect to perform with a child volunteer for the ages of 4-7 years old.

6) The UnMcCombical Prediction

Tommy's personal routine, never before seen on video. This is a twist on Billy McComb's classic The McCombical Prediction using any ungimmicked deck of cards and a Himber-type picture folder. 

7) Reindeer Games

A complete explanation of the new 2018 Christmas release. Even if you do not purchase Reindeer Games, it will give you insight into the workings of this brand new routine.

8) Cards Across

Using regular cards and a "WOW Gimmick" by Massuda, Tommy explains his cards across routine that inspired two of his later releases "Apples & Bananas" and "Christmas Cards Across." (A video also accompanies the lecture notes for a close-up view of the handling.)

9) Closing the Show

Tommy's personal and comical closer for 90% of his shows using the "No Tear" newspaper by Tony Stevens. 

10) The Change Bag, Magic Before Magic

Why just bring out a change bag and show it empty? Tommy shares a hilarious bit to use with the younger kids that you will want to add to your act right away!

11) Torn & Restored Heart

Straight out of Tommy's own "Bye Bye Bully" diversity show. No magic is stronger than when it happens in a spectators hand. A torn heart restores in the hand of a student to the gasps and amazement of the entire school assembly. Nothing is held back here as Tommy explains how to make a template, cut the paper hearts, fold the gimmick and step by step handling of the entire routine. This is a total winner! 

12) 4 Nightmares Rope Routine (Video routine only.)

If you're looking for another wonderful routine with a great diversity message, Tommy shares this routine on a video on the thumb drive. Just PERFECT to add to an anti-bully/diversity school show. 

Also provided are two pictures: A Black & White Santa and a Colored Santa to use with the switch folder described in the UnMcCombical Prediction. 


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2018 KIDabra Lecture Notes

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