• No Way! Nest of Boxes and Bags



A borrowed finger ring vanishes and is found in a nest of three gorgeous gift boxes and three bags. A super strong effect that will blow your audience's mind!

Borrow a finger ring from an audience member. 

Cover the ring with a cloth (provided) and have a spectator hold the ring through the cloth.

Display a gift bag (Not supplied, use any gift bag) and remove a cardboard gift box. You can display the box all around and even let a spectator hold the box for the rest of the routine.

Address the spectator that is holding the ring and verify that they still feel the ring under the cloth. You explain that you will whisk the cloth away and the ring will fly invisibly through the air and land BACK onto the spectators  finger. Upon whisking the cloth away, the ring has completely vanished!

You offer the gift as a "consolation prize." You open the gift box and remove another gift box. You open the second gift box and remove a third gift box.

You open the third gift box and remove a bag and hand it to the spectator who let you borrow the ring. Ask them to examine the bag and confirm it is closed tightly with a rubber band. When they confirm that the bag is indeed closed tightly and that there are no openings in the bag, you instruct them to open the bag. Inside the bag they find another sealed bag. They open the second bag and find ANOTHER sealed bag. Upon opening the last bag they find their borrow finger ring! A miracle in the eyes of the lay audience!

The routine requires a little practice but is relatively easy to do, allowing you to concentrate on presentation. 

The boxes are manufactured from three rigid cardboard gift boxes. The outer box is gaffed and you can allow a member from the audience to actually hold the box.

The outer box measures 7" X 7" X 5" high and the other two boxes nest into the larger box.

Comes with everything you need to perform the effect including the three bags, gimmick, extra rubber bands, special ring-vanishing hanky and full instructions. (Use any gift bag.)


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No Way! Nest of Boxes and Bags

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