Elmo's Squirting Glue Bottle

Elmo's Squirting Glue Bottle

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Now with improved vinyl label that will not wrinkle!


New thicker string!



A new twist on an old gag.  Just a bit of a squeeze and this normal looking glue bottle will shoot a full TWO FOOT string from it's spout!

Great to use in conjunction with any comedy prop that "breaks."  Hand your assistant a break-away wand and . . . it breaks! No problem! Bring out the glue bottle and pretend you're going to fix the wand. Squeeze the bottle and watch the reaction on your volunteers face! Use with the break-away fan, ker-plunk wand or with your clatter box. Use it during a cut and restored rope routine or knotting the handkercheifs routine. Squirt yourself! You get the idea . . . have fun!




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