• Hypno Spots

Hypno Spots


A super fun, jaw-dropping

routine that will leave your

audience spellbound!

Display six jumbo cards, each with a different colored spot on the front. The backside of the cards are colored black with white stars. Pretend to hypnotize your audience.
Ask a spectator to name ANY colored spot card. Without looking at the faces of the cards, you immediately pull the selected colored card from the stack, showing both sides. Repeat this incredible feat of intuition two more times...the audience is NOT impressed. They think the cards are simply marked on the back. You agree that the cards are indeed marked on the back, but they cannot see the marks, because they are under hypnosis. You freely show the backs of the cards to be all black with white stars.

You explain to the audience that in actuality, the cards are purple with colored polka dots. You display the red card on both sides, explaining that the backside is actually colored purple with red polka dots, and that is how you are able to find the selected card.

You offer to take your audience out of the state of hypnosis, so they will be able to see the spots on the cards. When you turn the cards around, each and every card has now changed to purple with colored polka dots! The cards are freely spread from hand to hand displaying each and every card. An incredible, magical change! Take your bow and the applause follows!

Extremely easy to do. The cards measure 5" X 7" and can be seen from a distance. Packs small, plays BIG and ends with an astounding color change that your audience will absolutely LOVE! 

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Hypno Spots

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