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Just in time for X-Mas Shows!


Inspired from Stephen Gillham. (Santa) If you're looking to add a fabulous routine that has a modern, current tradition to your Christmas shows, this is a routine that the kids and families will really enjoy!

You display your elf, sitting on a shelf. You explain to the children that the elf's job is to watch over them during the day, then at night time fly to the North Pole, report to Santa, then return to their home and sit in a whole different place. You have the kids say hello to the elf, (Herman) but an elf doesn't talk to humans. They only speak at the North Pole. And nobody has ever seen an elf move. They only move when they are not being watched.

You try having all the kids close their eyes, but the elf is very smart and knows they are peeking. "Everybody hide! No, wait. That won't work. Maybe if we shut all the lights off? No that won't be dark enough."

Idea: "Maybe if we cover him with a cloth, he will think it is night time." You cover him with a cloth and he begins to rise. The elf begins floating under the cloth and moves about the room.


He lands in a different part of the room and you remove the cloth and there he is, sitting perfectly upright in a different location. "We are so lucky! No human has ever witnessed this before!" You repeat it again, and he sits in a different spot.


He begins to float again and all of a sudden, total pandemonium! He begins flying out of control, pulling you all over the stage. The kids are in hysterics! You are commanding it to sleep and slow down, but the kids will have none of it, as they are commanding it to stay awake.

You finally get the elf under control and he makes his way back to the shelf. You remove the cloth and put it away. You remind the kids that he was watching all of them and he will report to Santa this evening on who has been naughty and who was nice.

You will LOVE the ease of working with this gimmick. The gimmick can be attached and detached super easily from the elf. (Not a cork.) 

The elf can be made to land upright anywhere. Remove the cloth easily. Cover the elf with the cloth and it is ready to fly in a split second. You can totally concentrate on presentation. 

The elf measures 13" long. (The elf has been gimmicked to accept the gimmick.) Includes the decorative shelf, cloth and full routine written by Tommy James. Priced nice too!


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Elusive Elf

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