• Amazing Silk Tray


Amazing Silk Tray

Looks like real magic! You're going

to LOVE the reactions this gets!

I am not often fooled by a magical device.
Tommy's "Amazing Silk Tray" fooled me!
And it fools audiences too! It is lightweight, sturdy,
well-made, packs flat, and it is an attractive prop. I love it!
David Floyd
Griffin, GA


As Magicians, we all use silks in our act. Why not produce them by magic! With this Amazing Silk Tray you can produce three 12" or 18" silks.

You can begin with an empty tray and whisk the cloth over the unit and make the silks appear. Or you can begin with silks in the holes, remove them, vanish the silks then make them reappear in the frame! Remove them again then go into one of your favorite silk routines.

Do you perform a knotted silks routine? Mis-made effects? Blendo routines? I think you get the idea!
Tray measures 16" X 10" X 1-1/2" high. The upright panel is removable so it packs flat for transport. Comes with a silver satin cloth and instructions. (No silks included) Extremely easy to operate and VERY magical looking to the lay audience.       



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Amazing Silk Tray

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