• Ultimate Homing Card / Jurassic Zoo

Ultimate Homing Card

Jurassic Zoo


Routine 1: Perform this routine with just the materials provided with this set.


Routine 2: Perform this routine using the other props from the Ultimate Homing Card routine. (Magic Card Box and Time-Out house not included in this set.)

A total of nine pages of instructions explaining everything you will need to know to perform either routine. 

Basic routine:

1) Display picture cards of dinosaurs. There is a t-rex, stegosaurus, triceratops, pterodactyl, long-neck, velociraptor and a DANCING PIG? And he is wearing a tutu! A hilarious site to the kids. 

2) Discard the Dancing pig, as he doesn't belong in this magic trick.

3) Ask a helper to choose a dinosaur, but they keep getting a DANCING PIG! This happens four times in a row and keeps getting funnier each time. It will literally keep the kids on the edge of their seats. 

4) Your helper finally chooses a dinosaur. (The t-rex) You turn around to get the Jurassic Zoo picture frame (provided) and the kids are in stitches as the dancing pig is now hanging on your back! It has made it's appearance FIVE times!


5) Place the t-rex into the Jurassic Zoo. You attempt to make the dinosaur disappear so you can claim the title of "World's Greatest Magician." You quickly whisk the cloth over the frame and the t-rex has turned into the dancing pig! TOTAL PANDEMONIUM!

6) You realize the t-rex has vanished. You can now gloat about how you are a great magician and you've made a dinosaur vanish into thin air. You turn around to put your props away and the dancing pig has returned for the SEVENTH time, hanging on your back again! Discard the pig into your performing case and end the routine. 

NOTE: You can also perform this routine in the classic Ultimate Homing Card style, using a helper to hold the card box and having the chosen dinosaur appear inside the box. You will receive TWO force cards: T-rex and a Stegosaurus, so you can have a different  force card for repeat performances. Each time the pig returns you will place it into the time-out house.

Every prop in this routine is manufactured and assembled by Tommy James.

With this set, you will receive all props to perform the basic routine: The cards, modified Jurassic Zoo picture frame, heavy duty satin cloth and complete instructions to perform this routine "as is" or with all the other props in the Ultimate Homing Card routine. (Not provided with this set.) 

The cards are just bursting with color measuring 5" X 7"

You WILL NOT be disappointed.

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Ultimate Homing Card / Jurassic Zoo

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