• Hypno Cod Trick

An mystifying commercial routine

for adult shows or family audiences.

Easy to do!

(A perfect tie-in to the

2022 Summer Library Theme!)

You tell the audience you will hypnotize them and then show them a COD trick. Pretend to hypnotize the audience. Fan and display six jumbo cods (cards) containing colored fish. A spectator names any colored fish. Without looking at the front of the cards, you cut the selected colored cod (card) to the front. You repeat the effect two more times, playing off the “cod/card” patter. The audience isn’t impressed. They think the cards are marked on the back. You agree that they are indeed marked.

You turn the cards around showing the backs. The audience sees that the back of the cards are all blue. You explain to them that the cards are actually red with black writing on them, but they cannot see that fact because they are hypnotized.

Turn the front of the cods/cards to the audience again. You pretend to take the audience out of the state of hypnosis so they will be able to see the marks. When you turn the cards around again, each and every card now has a red back with BIG BLACK letters spelling out  the colored fish on the face of the card! Complete with cards measuring 5" X 7" and full patter.

Totally mind-blowing and easy to do!



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Hypno Cod Trick

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