• Bye Bye Bully

Bye Bye Bully

Straight out of Tommy's own school assembly show, this routine has it all.

A wonderful blend of comedy & magic, ending with a very important educational message which teaches students the different

ways to deal with the serious topic of bullying. The kids will be having so much fun, they won't even realize they're learning!

Bonus routine included! As a bonus, Tommy shares another great routine straight out of his show which teaches students how to join together to combat bullying in school. You will LOVE performing both routines! 

"Tommy James knows that bullying is always going to be a sort-after subject with schools. His Bye Bye Bully routine has all the contents for success; Sucker routine, audience interaction, appealing props and the roll-out wand that produces the powerful message that students in school will remember. Highly recommended!" 

Greg Britt- Elgregoe the magician, New Zealand

Watch the video recorded in front of a live school assembly show.

You attempt to demonstrate to the students how easy it is to deal with a bully. Since you are a magician, you can simply make the bully disappear!

Display three 8" X 10" cards and a bamboo folder. There is a bully, a wizard's wand and the magic words "Bye Bye Bully."

Place the three cards into the folder which represents the school, playground, bus etc. Remove the wizard wand and wave it at the folder. Remove the card displaying the magic words as you instruct the students to shout "Bye Bye Bully!"

You attempt to show that the bully has disappeared but the kids see a card "peeking" from behind the folder. The kids think they've caught you with your shenanigans. You remove the card and written in big, bold black letters it says GONE. The kids demand you turn it around. After some byplay you turn the card around proving there is NOTHING on the other side. The bully has vanished!

You proudly convey that you've magically made the bully disappear. You turn around and the kids can see the bully hanging on your back. The school erupts!

Next you bring out a magic wand. (Roll-out banner) You explain "I really wish it were that easy. I wish we could just wave a magic wand and say some magic words to make bullying disappear. But it simply doesn't work like that." You let the wand unroll, displaying a colorful banner which teaches the students to use their W.I.T.S.

In a comical manner you teach the kids to use their W.I.T.S, teaching them many different ways to deal with bullying. Watch the promo video which shows Tommy's full, uncut routine performed in a live school assembly show. The students LOVE this routine!

The 8" X 10" cards are made from digitally printed vinyl applied to PVC board and will last a lifetime. The cards have a matte lamination to protect your investment. If they get dirty, simply wipe them with a damp cloth. 

The roll-out banner/wand measures a full 15" and rolls out to 48". The banner is weighted perfectly and will open fully each and every time no matter how long it has been rolled up. You can attach a piece of Velcro to the back of the banner to attach it you your backdrop and display it for the rest of the show. 

Whether you are putting together an anti-bully program or if you are a seasoned pro, you will love performing this highly entertaining routine and teaching students of all ages how to deal with a serious topic. 

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Bye Bye Bully

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