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Blooming Wands is fabulous, a fully developed commercial routine!

Mark Daniel/KIDabra President


 We naturally associate magic wands with wizards so here is another 'wizard' routine by Tommy James which is worthy of any performers attention and ideal for the enjoyment of any  younger audience.

 Trevor Lewis

If you're looking for the latest, exciting kid-show prop, look no further! This brand new prop and routine has it all! Color, comedy, magic, audience participation and a boatload of excitement!

Magician displays and opens a colorful box containing three magic wands. The wands are colored RED, YELLOW and BLUE. You also show the kids your "SUPER secret hiding place" in the back of the box. You explain that this is where you keep your wands when you're sleeping so they don't fall into the wrong hands. One at a time you remove the wands from the front of your box and put them into your super secret hiding place, then the fun begins!

Ask your helper which magic wand they would like to use. Ask if they promise not to turn your magic wand into flowers because you are allergic to flowers. When they remove the wand from the box, it turns into a bouquet of flowers! "Oh no! It's beginning to get stuffy in here!" Place the flowers aside. You open the box. "OH NO! Someone STOLE my other magic wands!" The kids are quick to let you know that they are in your super secret hiding place.

Ask your helper which wand they would like. When they remove the wand, it turns into a bouquet of flowers again! "Oh no! A-A-A- CHOOOO!" You turn your back to sneeze and when you turn to face the audience, you now have a big red nose! The kids go crazy trying to tell you. You remove a hanky from your pocket and blow your nose. Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! The kids howl with laughter as squeaking sounds come from the hanky, but all is good, your red nose is gone.

You open your hiding place and only ONE wand remains. Have the child remove the wand, and nothing happens. You can now have the child perform any of your routines with the wand to make the magic happen. Just before you sit your helper down, you place the wand back into the box and as an afterthought you state " Lets get a picture! Does anyone have a camera?" (Who doesn't have their cell phone handy these days?) Instruct your helper to remove the wand from the box for the picture and when they do, it turns into a bouquet of flowers! Show your box and super secret hiding place empty. He/she turned ALL my magic wands into flowers. You must be a real GREAT Magician!

This routine will add 5-6 minutes of fun to any routine you currently perform where your helper needs to wave a magic wand.


Box measures 16-1/2" high by 6-1/2" wide and 2-1/2" deep. Each bouquet is 15" high with four colorful blooms. The three wands are made of 1/2" PVC stock. Comes complete with clown nose, squeaker cloth and Tommy's full 5-1/2 minute routine. A prop you will be proud to own and perform.

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Blooming Wands

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